Mission Statement

The golf course at Schloss Ernegg was founded in 1971 and is the oldest golf course of the Mostviertel region. Our demanding natural golf course is harmoniously integrated in the beautiful valley of the Erlauf river and promotes high-level-golfing. These principles are reflected in the mission statement and our understanding of the golf club:

  • The Club is run by the Auersperg Golf- und Sportanlagen GesmbH and a voluntary committee elected by our golf club members at their annual general meeting.
  • The most important aim of our club is to promote the fun of this sport both on and off the course. True sportsmanship and an easy-going attitude are among the key factors for spreading our passion for golf.
  • Professionalism, focus and a transparent information policy are of essential importance.
  • Factors like age, origin, social status, etc are not part of the criteria for being admitted to the club.
  • We promote golf as a sport for everyone encouraging all age groups to participate.
  • We put special focus on our young talents by offering them perfect training conditions with a qualified Head Pro.
  • Mutual respect: The behaviour of all members on and off the course contributes to the reputation of the GC Schloss Ernegg.
  • On our Championship course, we organise internal tournaments for club members, regional tournaments as well as national and international competitions. We also arrange sponsoring tournaments and corporate events.
  • The club is mainly financed through club membership fees.
  • The board makes sure that the membership fees determined at the AGM are spent responsibly and specifically to the aims of our club.
  • The club’s finances are fully transparent.
  • We are very serious about the environment and take all necessary precautions to protect nature and its resources.
  • The "Spirit of the Game" is of prime importance to us. This includes abiding by the golf rules and following the etiquette by showing sportsmanship and respect not only on our golf course but also while representing us at other clubs


Restaurant Golfclub Schloss Ernegg