Golf teaching and practice

Whether you want to learn your perfect Golf swing, or improve your handicap our qualified PGA Pros can help you to optimise your swing and improve your game.

A generous Driving range, also for long hitters, teeing off mats as well as grass tees, as well as extensive practise facilities like a pitching area and a large putting green.

With the swing studio our Pros have got one of the best facilities for swing analysis in the country.

Our Pros offer tuition of the highest  calibre to perfect your technicque and enjoyment of the game.

Frequently asked questions

What are the first steps playing Golf?

Before going off  full of enthusiasm to play your first round of golf, you should know the most important rules of behaviour and safety on the course.  Golfballs fly at great speed and can easily hurt somebody and with this in mind Austria and Germany have developed a basic standard test prior to allowing you onto the course.  In a 2 stage programme you will learn the basic ground rules to enable you to find your way about on the course.

In brief: The meaning of the handicap

The handicap expresses the ability of the golfer. Each golf course has a certain amount of strokes, with which a good golfer should be playing the course. An 18 hole course could be played with 72 strokes. If you do this in a tournament you would have a handicap of 0. A very ambitious aim.

At the beginning of your golf career you will get assessed by the PRO.with a hcp of 54. This means that you would play a 72 course in 72+54 = 126 strokes/shots. After this initial estimation there are several possibilities to lower your hcp.

The hcp has got one major advantage: If you play against a better player, at the end of the round the strokes get counted together and with the consideration of the various handicaps you still have a chance to beat even the better golfer.

What are the first two stages to learn Golf?

  • Stage 1: gaining a hcp of 54 = course license
  • Stage 2: gaining a hcp of 45 = license to take part in a tournament

What is Platzreife = PE= Hcp 54?

  • The PE certificate is the proof that you have passed the basic test of theory and practical play.
  • With the PE you have a 54 hcp.
  • The PE enables you to play on the course where you passed the PE
  • You receive the PE by taking part in a course or private lessons with the Pro

What is tournament permission =TE=hcp 45?

  • With your TE certificate you can prove that you have received an extended basic tuition on theory and practice.
  • With the TE you play with a hcp of 45.
  • With the TE you can play on all courses which accept TE players. This varies from Club to Club. Some Clubs ask for a better handicap, mainly however they ask for a membership in a Club which is registered by the Austria Golf Association, the ÖGV.
  • You receive your TE with a course or single lessons. The course we offer is a 3 day intensive one. To take part you have to have previous knowledge oft he game.

Do you have to become a member to play golf?

Yes, you need a full membership in a Golf club in ordert to play on other courses for a greenfee.

If you enjoy playing the same course often, we recommend a full membership in your home club, who will also manage your handicap. There are several reasons why it is worth joining a Golf club for a keen golfer.

  • Management of your hcp. This is necessary if you want to improve your game .
  • Unlimited use  of all the facilities and offers of the Club
  • Numerous greenfee reductions at attractive partner clubs
  • Relaxed and family club atmosphere
  • You will be looked after by a professional Club team
  • And much more

Application for membership in the GC Schloss Ernegg


Weekend courses (PE and TE certificates)
always on Fri/Sat/Sun

Fri, Day 1: 5pm - 7:30pm
Sat, Day 2: 8am - 11am and 5pm - 7:30pm
next Sat, Day 3: 8am - 11am (exam)

  • 8./9./16. April 2016
  • 13./14./21. May 2016
  • 10./11./18 June 2016
  • 16./17./23. July 2016
  • 12./13./20. August 2016
  • 9./10./17. September 2016
  • 7./8./10. October 2016

PE certificate (Platzreife) Hcp -54

  • participants: min. 2, max. 9
    • 2 participants: € 295,- p. person
    • 3 or more participants: € 265,- p. person

TE certificate (Turnierreife) Hcp -45

  • participants: min. 2, max. 9
  • price p. person: € 185,-