Course rules

  • New plantations marked as ground under repair have to be treated according to rule 25-1  i.e. drop the ball without penalty within 2 club length not nearer the hole.
  • Please do not go into the ponds so as not to damage the foil.
  • Only tee off on the 2nd and 13th Tee if you don’t endanger any people or vehicle on neighbouring road.
  • Stones inside a bunker are treated as Movable Obstruction (rule 24-1)
  • When playing over the river on hole 5, 8 and 10 you must make sure that no fisherman is in danger.

You must obey the orders given by the person on the start and the marshalls.

Flag positions and colors:

  • white= back of green
  • yellow= middle
  • red= front

Distances to the beginning of  the Green

  • white= 200m
  • yellow= 150m
  • red= 100m
  • blue= 50m