Course rules

  • New plantations marked as ground under repair have to be treated according to rule 25-1  i.e. drop the ball within 2 club-lengths, but not closer to the hole, without penalty.
  • Please do not walk into the ponds to avoid damage to the liners.
  • Only tee off on the 2nd and 13th tee, if you don’t endanger any people or vehicles on the road next to the course.
  • Stones inside a bunker are treated as movable obstructions (rule 24-1).
  • Make sure that no fisherman is in danger, when you play across the river on hole 5, 8 and 10.

You must always follow the starters’ and marshals’ orders.

Flag positions and colors:

  • white= end of the green
  • yellow= middle of the green
  • red= front of the green

Distances to the beginning of  the Green

  • white = 200m
  • yellow = 150m
  • red = 100m
  • blue = 50m