Etiquette "Spirit of the Game"

Golf is mainly being played without a referee The game rests on the honest endeavor of every single player to consider the other player and behave according tot he rules of Golf. Every player should behave in a disciplined manner , and,  should show sportsmanship and polite behaviour at all times.


  • The player has to ensure that no other person is in his vicinity when he is playing a shot.
  • The player has to look out for greenkeepers in the direction of the ball before playing his shot. People tending to the course always have priority before any player.
  • No player is allowed to tee off before the players before him are out of reach.
  • If there is possible danger shout „fore“. This also goes if , I, as the player, cannot see where the ball will land.
  • Players should always be considerate towards other players and should not distract them from thier game by movement, talk or avoidable noise.
  • Players have to make sure that their mobile phones do not disturb other golfers. Therefore please to remember to switch to mute before starting your round.

Course maintenance

  • Always replace divots,  repair pitch marks, and rake any marks in a bunker.
  • No practice swing on the teeing off area, only beside it.
  • No trolleys or buggies are allowed on a tees, a foregreen or a green. Please do not take your trolley between the green and a greenside bunker.

Speed of play and priority on the course

  • It is in the general interest of the game always to play speedily and without interruption or hesitation.
  • The maximum time of the game over 9 holes should be take more than 2 hours and 10 minutes, 18 holes 4 hours 20.
  • If there is a faster flight behind you, you must let them play through.
  • Single players dont have any rights on the course and have to let others through.
  • Players who are looking  for a ball (maximum time 5 minutes) or are holding up play with a hole free in front of them are obliged to let the flight beind play through.
  • After  finishing the hole you must immediately leave the green.
  • If you have the honour on the next tee, you should note down your score after teeing off, so you do not hold up play.
  • On weekdays the rule is that flights of 2 people have priority before flights of 3, and flights of 3 before flights of 4.
  • On Saturday, Sunday and Holiday flights of 4 have priority over flights of 3, and 3 before 2.


We greatly value appropriate and correct clothing to be worn on the whole establishment. The dress code shows respect towards your fellow players as well as to the tradition of Golf. To dress correctly also shows one’s own will to accept the community of Golf, the Rules and the discipline of Golf.

  • Head Wear

Caps and baseball caps have to be worn with the brim in front.

  • Mens shirts

Golfing shirts have to have a collar and sleeves. T-shirts are not allowed.

  • Trousers

Washed out or torn/frayed jeans are no golfing outfit. Classical jeans or trousers in jean material in various colours are being accepted. Bermuda shorts are of course accepted on hot days.

  • Ladies

No T-shirts. Blouses should have a collar but may be worn sleeveless. No large decoltees. The neck opening front should be decent and respectful. Open visible backs are very attractive but not wanted on the golf course. Bermuda shorts and golf skirts in a suitable length are of course welcome.

  • Shoes

Gym shoes, trainers, walking shoes or every day shoes are not suitable for the golf course. Please only wear golf shoes with soft spikes.


  • Every player has to have with them their own golf bag.
  • Single players may only play with one ball.
  • Follow the rules on soft spike rules and attire.
  • Playing with range balls on the course is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate ban from the course and club.
  • Not more than 4 players in a flight.
  • Please play the course layed-out hole by hole.  It is forbidden to play the course out of sequence.
  • Don't throw away cigarette ends! Please dispose of cigarette ends considerately. Ashtrays can be purchased in the Proshop.
  • If you are asked to leave the course you may not claim your greenfee back.
  • The Starter‘s and Marshall’s instructions must be followed implicitly.

We thank all members and guests to abide to the rules of the etiquette in and around the course and clubhouse.

We wish you all many happy hours of enjoyment here at Golf Club Schloss Ernegg and very many pleasant rounds of golf.

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