Etiquette "Spirit of the Game"

Our community requires mutual respect. This is why we ask you to abide by the following principles and rules to make sure that everyone can enjoy their game.

We expect all players to behave according to the "Spirit of the Game". This means:

Honest behaviour: Keep to the rules, execute penalties and be honest in every aspect of the game.
Be considerate towards other players: play at a high pace, watch out for other people's safety and don't disturb the game
Take care of the golf court: e.g. retrieve divots, rake bunkers, correct pitch marks, don't do any unnecessary damage to the golf court

Respect other players and take care of the golf court

  • Please be quiet and don't talk, especially when another person is playing. All players should show politeness, respect and sportsmenship.
  • Divots must be put back and fixed.
  • Always carry a pitchfork with you to correct pitch marks on the greens.
  • Only walk into bunkers from the back, so you don't damage high edges. After having played the ball, please flatten the bunker with a rake.
  • Trial swings have to be done outside the tee boxes.
  • Please allow faster flights to pass by.
  • It is prohibited to take shortcuts (especially at holes 10, 11 and 12) or play the holes in a different order than indicated.
  • Please don't leave any garbage behind. Dispose of it in the garbage bins.
  • Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. You can get portable ashtrays in the office free of charge.
  • Please take care of the golf court and all its equipment.
  • Leashed dogs are allowed on our golf court.


We greatly value appropriate and correct clothing to be worn on the whole premise. The dress code shows respect towards your fellow players as well as to golf tradition. Therefore it is not allowed to wear track suits, cycling shorts, tennis clothes, gym shorts and shirts, leggings, tank tops or blue jeans. Please only wear polo shirts with a collar.


  • Players have to ensure that no other person is near them when they are playing a shot.
  • The player has to look out for greenkeepers before playing a shot. People tending the course always have priority over players.
  • No player is allowed to tee off before the players in front of them are out of reach.
  • If there is possible danger, shout „fore“. Also do so if you cannot see where the ball will land.
  • Players should always be considerate towards other players and should not distract them from their game by movement, talk or avoidable noise.
  • Players have to make sure that their mobile phones do not disturb other golfers. Therefore, please remember to switch to mute before starting your round. You are very welcome to bring your phone, it could save lives.

Range balls

Our range balls are property of GC Schloss Ernegg. They are allowed to be played at the driving range only. Taking range balls with you, will be reported to the police without exceptions.

We thank all members and guests to abide to the rules of the etiquette in and around the course and clubhouse.

We wish you a lot of happy hours and great rounds of golf at Golf Club Schloss Ernegg.

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